Persuade me.

There's a guide via wikiHow on how to persuade an atheist to become christian. Its seemingly written by a mixture of theist and atheist authors, although much of it deals with praying, knowing and dispensing advice from the bible, setting a good example, and being friendly and open.

Just to make things clear, appealing to my emotions will never change my mind.

There are also a lot of deceptive arguments against science and tired arguments for the existence of God (Kalam Cosmological Argument anyone?)

When you boil it down, there is only one piece of good advice left:

find evidence.

For the theist who's trying, see this guide on ebonmusings.


  1. welcome to hell!

    oh, wait, that comes off a little threatening. we'll try this again.

    I added you to my blogroll.

  2. Dear Infidel -

    I will pray for you with all my soul. One day, an Angel will come to visit you and will smile down upon you and you won't be able to resist his good and pure light. You will embrace Jesus into your heart once again.

    And then Santa Clause will bring you presents instead of coal, the Easter bunny will bring you a basket instead of pooping on your lawn, and all will be right with the world. Oh, and you won't burn in Hell.


  3. You're right, the discussion should center on evidence. I think there are theists attempting just that. I went to a debate a week ago between Christopher Hitchens and William Lane Craig - "Does God Exist?" was the topic. It was refreshing to see Dr. Craig give philosophical arguments and evidence for his position, rather than just appealing to emotions. Whether or not you believe these arguments have any force, I think the tone of the debate was in the right direction.

    At one point, the (Christian) moderator seemed to try to bait Craig into using examples of atrocities committed by atheists. But he would have none of that - he said the actions of some athiests has nothing to do with the question of whether God exists. Similarly, Hitchens agreed that if God did exist, He wouldn't have to answer to anyone. God would be free to act as He chooses.

    "I don't like God" or "I don't want to be a Christian" is much different than "God does not exist."

  4. I had watched some of Dr Craig's older debates. I agree, his tone is on track even if his arguments aren't (he used the Kalam Cosmological Argument in one I was watching (you might have guessed that I think its awful), and then miraculously turned a debate on the existence of god into one on Christianity as if it was the only religion that follows). Good listening though.

    I'll have to look out for the one you mentioned. Thanks.

  5. Just curious, what's the fault with the cosmological argument, I hear it's awful, but it looks so logical?

  6. Although not aimed directly at the cosmological argument, the post below this one, Occam's
    , takes a shot. I'd also check out the long list of objections on its wikipedia page

  7. Why is it so important to prove religion wrong? If religion gives someone hope and strength, then more power to them. If not believing gives you hope and strength, then more power to you. But it seems like what's being done here is the equivalent to how the majority of Christians try to shove the bible and Christianity in general down people's throats. Just let people be... I'm speaking to both sides here. Who cares if it's illogical? You're not being forced to believe anything, so why try and force someone else? Why try and break down something that makes life easier to deal with for someone else?

  8. Dearest Infidel, you argue like a boy who forgot to put on his big-boy pants this morning. Telling everybody they are wrong, does not prove your point (that we came here by a means other than god). Try debating like a man and actually attempting to see other sides of an argument that are not your personal views. Have you ever done that debate exercise where you have to argue a point that you clearly do not support? try it.