Borderline religious

In the course of a potentially offensive Joke I asked someone at work if they where religious. The answer itself wasn't surprising, but hearing it out loud and so readily admitted was bizarre. "I'm borderline religious" was how they put it.

Maybe they are legitimately going through a transitional phase and have the where-withal to acknowledge it? Perhaps they were worried about fitting in and scared to admit their faith fully? If that was the case, then how much faith can they really have? It's far more likely they hold a common view; that of nonchalance and ignorance. I have known many Christians who use it as a label and nothing more. It's what they Identify themselves as, but they don't go to church or practice. Effectively, they just haven't given it much thought. One of Christianity's traits is to stop believers from thinking; my experiences and the statistics would suggest it's highly effective.

A devout Christian friend of mine would describe those people as false Christians, almost relishing the idea that they won't be going to heaven. I can't look at them any more kindly, these half Christians can neither defend their beliefs or even understand them. They are enablers for the more extreme zealots. Approaching voting with that same ignorance, public policy's are so easily swayed towards that of the religion to which most subscribe. It's a travesty when the religious majority band together to trample the rights of the minority.

So to all those who are borderline religious out there. Stop riding the fence and start thinking. Get your beliefs straight or risk going through life a zombie pawn to the fanatical!

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