Pro Christian marriage parody.

The National Organization for Marriage put out this video parodying pro christian marriage. Its a good laugh, here's the transcript:

There's a storm gathering.
The clouds are dark and the winds are strong, and I am afraid.
Some who advocate for interracial marriage have taken the issue far beyond interracial couples.
They want to bring the issue into my life.
My freedom will be taken away.
I'm a California doctor who must choose between my faith and my job.
I'm part of a New Jersey church group punished by the government because we can't support interracial marriage.
I'm a Massachusetts parent, helplessly watching public schools teach my son that interracial marriage is OK.
But some who advocate for interracial marriage have not been content with interracial couples living as they wish.
Those advocates want to change the way I live.
I will have no choice.
The storm is coming.
But we have hope, a rainbow coalition of people of every creed and sexual preference are coming together in love to protect marriage.

Wait.. did I get something mixed up?

Raw auditions dug up by the Human Rights Campaign. Catch them before they are pulled!

UPDATE: Wake Up World did a real parody (as if it needed one):


  1. I find it extra weird when individuals involved in interracial marriages use the same arguments that were used against interracial marriage against same sex marriage. ummm . . . what?

  2. Yeah, that would be really short sighted. I'm sure it happens, although I have never heard it before.

  3. Wow. You would never get an advert like that in the UK! And if there was, it would cause a huge outcry.
    I love free speech, everyone has their say - which gives us the right to pull apart their narrow minded ideals. I'd be laughing more if it wasn't so frightening that people may be convinced by it.

  4. umm i dont understand what the hell this article the article doesnt make any sense....if u wanna express ur opinion , do it in a way that makes sense !!

  5. drnkueen13, just because you don't understand something doesn't mean its nonsensical.

    If you really want it spoon fed to you:
    The propaganda is so absurd you might as well call it a parody - so I did.

    The transcript substitutes "same-sex marriage" with "interracial marriage". The comparison to US interracial marriage restrictions finally abolished in the 1960's should have been obvious. The point made is that it's happening again; certain groups are trying to limit the rights of others based on their own bigoted beliefs.

  6. the NOM ad is real, not a parody.

  7. Indeed, very scary. The video would almost be funny if it wasn't just
    horrible and rotten...
    I grew up in a very religious family. One of my brothers seemed "gay" to me, but of course, it was something he denied until he was in his forties.
    Nope...instead he did the ole "better not admitted to myself I'm gay and subscribe to the religious teachings".
    So he married a women, had two kids with her, tried like hell to be what was
    expected of him....he never cheated on his wife, but she ditched him anyhow.
    Looking for someone less gay....
    After therapy, he finally came out.
    My mother "refuses to accept it" and my sister sends books to him about hell....(well, I also get those nasty books since I'm no longer a church goer.)
    After seeing all my brothers been through And growing up in that horrible household, I am very sick of ignorant people who think they can just wave the Jesus wand at gay people and make them straight.
    Lemme tell ya folks, it ain't gonna happen....