Where the freedom slope ends

Witness as Pat Robertson mounts the most common attack on homosexual marriage. Marvel as he uses a picture perfect slippery slope argument. Gaze in awe as he demonstrates his bigotry once again.

He claims the ultimate conclusion of same sex marriage is legal polygamy, bestiality, child molestation, and pedophilia.

Funny thing though, he's partially right.

You could say that abolishing slavery, giving women the vote, and allowing interracial marriage were all part of a slippery slope towards granting people rights. An awesome slippery slope towards unprecedented freedom.

The line isn't same-sex marriage, its further than that. Like Pat says, polygamy deserve the same rights as same-sex marriage for the same reasons. Bestiality is getting into Grey territory. Child molestation has absolutely crossed the line because it gives someone the right to violate the rights of another (The right to your own body). Giving people rights is good. It's always good until those rights interfere with the rights of others. Your rights end where your neighbor's begin.

Stand, dumbstruck, as Pat leaps off the freedom slope just moments before it ends!


  1. what i find disturbing is that these asshats can't tell the difference between a consensual act between two adults and a nonconsensual act between an adult and a child.

    which is really, really, really disturbing.

  2. Yeah, that's a good way of putting it. Though, from their perspective the line is drawn by God's word, so they don't need to make an effort to understand it.

    Soft and creamy spoon fed dogmatic morals laced with glass.

  3. Now, how many of you who support gay marriage really wish your own dad had adopted you with a life partner named Brandon? Do I hear crickets chirping? Why, yes...the silence is deafening.

    1. My dad is a complete a$$hole who, while I was a child, routinely cheated on my mom, got drunk and beat her and then ran off with his whore mistress. So, yeah...I'd give being the adopted son of a gay/lesbian couple a shot.

  4. Anonymous - If you viewed same sex couples as perfectly acceptable, why would you have a problem with your own same sex parents? way to project your own homophobia onto others!

  5. Nice post. It truly is astounding how this guy can be so ethically inept.

    @anonymous: If I were an orphan I'd be perfectly happy to be adopted by two parents of any stripe as long as they loved me and were committed to raising me with care, honestly and respect. You really need to give your head a shake.

  6. @anonymous. I didn't like my Dad, but I wish I had been raised by two gay guys, or by my Mom with a lesbian partner. Hell, being raised by Barbary apes would have been better than the nightmare of their typical heterosexual marriage.