Believe you're not infected?

Theists. Fed up being picked on? Now it's your turn!

It falls on you to show your religion is the real deal. What evidence or arguments do you have? People of other faiths have been just as convinced as you are, what makes your faith different? Why should we ever appeal to faith?

This is an open on-going invitation for you to stand up for your beliefs.

email, or add a comment and I'll start a new post with your argument or question.

Please be concise and to the point. If your argument or question is terrible, I won't bother posting it.


  1. your and "you're" are not the same thing. Try to spell things correctly when condescending to people you disagree with.

  2. I don't see it, did you correct it or am I just skimming over it? :)

  3. Unless they corrected the error, there isn't one now.

    I find it interesting that you failed to capitalize your sentence while criticizing their grammar.

  4. The origin of the Universe comes down to one rational conclusion after examining all 4 possible considerations. Someone could consider that the Universe is eternal except that it is wearing out according to the Law of Entropy. Someone could consider that the Universe created itself or came accidentally from nothing ("atemporal void") though contrary to the Law of Cause and Effect. The only remaining possible cause for the Universe is God, which a constant Creator is necessitated by Law of Cause and Effect.

  5. Explaining the universe with something even more difficult to explain is very counter-productive.

  6. Does difficulty or complexity automatically make something wrong?

  7. @gadsbreath Sorry, but the eternal (steady-state) universe theory was rejected decades ago. Try to wrap your mind around this stuff:
    Best Cosmic Mindblowers of 2010

    If you're going to argue about physics, don't argue about yesterday's physics. It makes you sound as though you're talking about phlogiston.

  8. My question for you, and you would do well to consider it seriously if you're serious about curing faith, is this: can you think for yourself?

    I am not trying to offend you. I'm asking the same question you have asked the entire religious world.

    I have read your pathetic analysis of a few verses in the Bible, and wasn't impressed. The whole "brutality/contradictory" notion is all worn out and done. The Bible is a strategically revised and shortened summary of a history which, in the Jewish world, takes a good portion of the Talmud to explain. Consider what might be missing from our Bible. To most of us the Bible's contradictories can be explored, justified, or neglected on account of the fact that ours is not an extensive account in comparison to others. That is the faith you attack: Humble admission that our book is not all extensive of perfect.
    Bud, you will never write anything so good as Genesis, the Samuels, the letters of Paul, the book of John. Even if you do have beef with the Bible, respect the fact that it's been around longer than you, has known more people than you, has changed the world time and time again, while you can't even persuade me that you can think for yourself.

    I am not afraid to say i'm religious. I am also not afraid to say that sir, reason does help me think, but my faith helps me smile. Where science propels us, faith restrains us (which, we all must know, is what can really save is). Where study makes me smarter, faith makes me better. Better than who?
    Better than you.
    Your site is weak.
    If you want to think about all the terrible things people do to each other out of faith, think about the minds behind such manipulation. Would they not, had they no faith to employ, use science to manipulate? Are there not scientist who currently act this way? I'm sure you'll agree that Dr. Frankenstein isn't exactly a terrible stretch considering what science has done and will do.

    I will tell you why you piss me off: you think you're smarter than me, you think you're smarter than my pastor father, you think you're smarter than my Bhuddist friend, you think you're smarter than my Jew professor...

    I've seen your mug shot. You're young. I looked at your TED videos. Read your articles. I did it all in two hours. You have no voice, your writing is ill-prepared, and your condescension unearned. You're a terrible Voltaire, who writes his characters without personality and blames his flaws on the fact that he usually writes plays. Do you think you could prove my God dead if you stood in front of me? Do you suppose you could look me in the eye and not for an instant question your own character? I could be anyone. I could be a war veteran, I could be an ex-con, I could be an hour from busting a drug dealer on the streets of Chicago, I could be Donnie Yen for all you know. Are you so certain of yourself that you would call me wrong to my face without seeing me before hand? If so, it's not because you have proof my God is dead, for you don't know me and don't know my God, but it is more probably because you have conviction and stubbornness kin to faith and you will come to admit that one day. If not, you're got no grit. for now, Perhaps you would prefer this medium for now. So I invite you to take your stance seriously and humbly, that you may read more carefully, and try to hone your voice. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND SEVERELY CONSIDER IT.
    I promise you that I will be following your blog.

    1. This person is a great example to why religion is dangerous. Your belief in something that has no physical proof to back it up has made you not only angry, but threatening towards some one with a differing opinion. Now imagine this on a larger scale say a whole neighborhood, city, or country angry at some one for their differing or lack of faith. The mob mentality that religion creates is destructive and only causes war in the long run. Remember, you are fighting and arguing over fables and stories, non of which can, or have been proven to be true. Imagine people arguing over whether "Star Wars" or "Star Trek" is the more perfect story, seems silly when you think of it in this context but that is exactly how religion has blinded people.

  9. Wow, I got bored half way through that.
    It's just blah blah smart guy. . .who do you think you are. . .blah blah. . you don't know me.
    No one cares who you are or what your personal beliefs are. They have nothing to do with the general religious debate.

  10. You're right...I apologize for taking offence.

  11. I don't like the word "religion" much.
    But "relationship?"
    That's the word that describes my faith, beliefs, etc.
    And my relationship with my creator and savior is probably something I'd never be able to "prove" to you anyway.
    This website makes me sad. Not because the information is so mind-blowing and new and true (a lot of it is facts, I know, but I've heard them all before) and I feel like I have to become an atheist, but because there are just so many people who don't understand and who never will.
    Sorry for my mini rant. I do respect you in your search for truth and I hope you someday find it.

  12. What I don't understand is why people call on the Bible so much on this site. It is a well known fact that the Bible that is sold today is not the original Bible and does not portray the original teachings of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), since it was changed through ages and many things were added or removed from it. Hence, you can't look at the Bible when you're trying to prove your atheist points, of course you're going to find contradictions, the Bible of today is false!
    However, don't take me the wrong way, I respect Christians all over the world, because they believe in the one and only God, like I do.
    Still, I am not a Christian, for I am a Muslim and I believe that Islam offers not only a completely logical and healthy way of life but also its holy book, the Kur'an offers scientific facts, some of which were discovered only decades ago, while the Kur'an was written 1400 years ago.
    For those who will immediately reject my comment and say that I'm a "stupid believer" or "very deluded and superstitious", please take a few minutes of your time and watch a video on youtube called "Does God exist?", the speaker is Dr. Zakir Naik. I also suggest that you look at some other of his videos, and maybe you'll finally realize some things.
    Nevertheless, I respect everyone's opinion, whether you're an Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Jew, Christian or any other religion/anti-religion.
    Saalam Alaikum everyone :)=(Peace :)

  13. I don't know what to believe in, to be honest.
    I don't feel I need to prove anything to anyone.

    I can admit, I used to go to church a lot. Not because I believed in any one being, but because I felt that going to church or mass actually improved my quality of life. But I don't think it had anything to do with God, but because it had to do with structure.

    There's nothing wrong with good morals and trying to live your life well. But I can tell you that it has nothing to do with religion. It's called having a conscience.

  14. Cool blog buddy. Glad to see you're passionate about your beliefs and working out a means to share them.

    Just be careful about dogma.

    I am a theist. No I can't prove that God, or a benevolent transcendental force exists. My case would not stand up in court. That's why its called belief. Faith doesn't Automatically make me a dumbass. Likewise for your atheism

  15. Atheism is a belief as much as theism is a belief. Atheism is the belief that there is no such thing as a god. Theism is the belief that there is a god. You have as much evidence to your belief as theism does. The reason why atheism is a belief is due to an epistemological problem. How can we possibly know that the physical world exists? Yes, we can sense it, we can feel it, see it, hear it, taste it, and so forth. But does that automatically let us deduce its existence? It doesn't. Think of how many people in this world are insane to the point of having delusions. They can sense their delusions are real, so why can they not deduce that their delusions are actually real? Now, I know what you're going to say, is that you have power in that most people also sense the things that you do. That's an assumption I'm willing to grant, though it's also debatable in its own right. The power of the majority is NOT sufficient enough to claim knowledge of its existence. There have been many, many times that the majority has been wrong in the past, so history in itself disproves that point. Since I've already asserted that experiences are the only way we can have knowledge of anything, let's continue to a thought experiment.
    I have never been to India; I have never been able to experience India first-hand. So how do I come to the belief that India exists? Because other people have experienced it and told me it exists, now I may still not believe it exists, if I so choose, but that does not mean that the beliefs of those who have experienced India are wrong.
    Now insert the word "God" into where "India" is, with a bit of grammatical changes. It will read:
    I have never seen God; I have never been able to experience God first-hand. So how do I come to the belief that God exists? Because other people have experienced it and told me it exists, now I may still not believe it exists, if I so choose, but that does not mean that the beliefs of those who have experienced God are wrong.

    The issue I'm dealing with here is not to prove existence or prove non-existence. The issue I'm dealing with is your insistence that those who are theists are WRONG. You don't know any more than they do. You believe as much as they. If you assert that belief must be wrong, then you are self-defeating in your claim, as that assertion is a belief in and of itself.

  16. Pascal's Wager.



  18. In the sense that it is near impossible, or just impossible, to pick a 'correct' God, you raise a point I also reached in discussion of it. A point that cannot be refuted. So, keeping this in mind, I use a quote by Marcus Aurelius:

    "Live a good life. If there are Gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you've been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are Gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no Gods,then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones."

    Each person should have some sort of 'code' to live by, as not to be misguided by whims of pleasure and emotion. Such a ideal may be difficult to come up with by one's self, so a religion is a good starting point to begin one's moral developing. Mind you, I said 'starting point', and if the religion or church by itself is not sufficuent enough, then one should continue seeking and learning on their own volition.

    Also, in that article you mentioned, you said we'd lose freedom of thought. As I agree with Heidigger's notion of the 'They-self', and 'Da-sign' (a person is a being and the processes which we go about the world), I do not believe in total freedom of thought. Actually, (forgive my red-herring) this brings up a better question:

    What is freedom?