What the bleep do we know

The movie What the bleep do we know uses quantum physics as a springboard into absurd pseudoscience. Directed by three Ramtha cultists, it unsurprisingly receives a thorough debunking here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. It's also terrible, which doesn't help its case.

I couldn't stomach it to the end, instead I re-watched a fantastic talk by Richard Dawkins' "The universe is queerer than we can suppose".


  1. So you don't like it. Awesome for you. I for one thought it had much wisdom.

    But I am into stretching my soul and opening my mind. But I guess if you think this life is all then what is the point of opening up to something new.

    We are all sleep walkers. And none of us is right actually. As we all are

    But it seems more popular to be right or find answers to useless questions than it does to just be or be love.

    I believe in the third choice, Love.

    All the rest I think will be answered when I die. There is no need to figure it all out now

    and while I can't stomach religiousness of any kind, isn't it the same thing as them. They cling to God, you don't believe.

    Just an opposite, but I would rather chose your side if I had to chose between the two. For sure, I think if you strip down all of those religious walls you might have an easier time seeing yourself.

    But to me there are many ways to do that.

    And while I believe in a God who is love. Have experienced it myself, and it doesn't matter to me about proof or faith. I don't care either way.

    As my only purpose for this life is to be love.
    And I don't see how not religious or religious fall directly in that category.

    But I would like to thank you for being the much needed better half.

    As without this side this pendalum would swing so far right it would destroy everything.


  2. But I actually agree with Ramatha. As you never want to listen to anyone claiming they are channeling s spirit. Not just for the ridiculousness of it, but if you believe in an after life and it is possible to channel someone, then it is not good thing to channel someone. As it is very dark, in my opinion.

    And while there might be much wrong with it or the world, you can still take what is good and it is just as valid.

    Thanks for doing that work. Sounds like you might be doing your purpose.