Slain in the spirit FAIL

I have just been slain in the spirit! I was in hysterics. I couldn't stop laughing. I could hardly move. It lasted for what seemed like hours. I was ecstatic. I could hardly breathe. I felt light headed. I felt disembodied. Surely it was the power of the Lord God? Surely it was Jesus feeling me up?


I just spent the last hour reading FailBlog and working up a fit of laughter that wiped the floor with when I was "really" slain in the spirit. It happened back when I was young, christian, and naive. I was down on the floor near the pulpit. The service was over and members of the church had come together to pray, lay hands on each other, and speak in tongues. It wasn't uncommon for people to collapse to the floor in fits of laughter. It was called "slain in the spirit" and was considered a mystical encounter with the holy spirit. Some of my church friends were praying, speaking in tongues, and laying hands on me when the laughter started. I collapsed in hysterics. They blew the holy spirit on me, and I could hardly move, such was its power.

After I escaped from the confines of faith, I had believed that experience to be a combination of oxygen deprivation & our biological perceptibility to transcendent experiences. Thanks FailBlog for inducing that experience again.

Holy Spirit FAIL!

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