Top 20 search terms

Did you know every time you search for something the terms are logged? All the silly, dirty, and horribly misspelled searches end up on someones statistics page. Here are the best one's that led to (in order of frequency).

  1. atheism sucks (apparently I agree.)

  2. babies are delicious (WTF?)

  3. std cure (woops, wires crossed. Will have to be more specific if you want any hope with that one.)

  4. "how to cook babies" ("WTF?")

  5. torture terrorists

  6. "atheism is just too bleak" (Instead, lets make up stories that make us feel better.)

  7. "free thought" +bible (free thought + bible = -bible)

  8. "you're wrong for being an atheist." (Google will happily refute that one.)

  9. bible verses that cure people (zero results.)

  10. doctor jesus cure (lol)

  11. faith magic know (?!)

  12. god argument makes more complex not simpiler

  13. how can i explain that god exist to atheist (with much difficulty.)

  14. how to cure my dog by faith (there are specific faith cures for dogs now?)

  15. i'm becoming an atheist (good for you!)

  16. if religion did not exist would there be a cure for cancer? (There would also not be religion, which would be almost as good.)

  17. interracial punish evil (racist?)

  18. the church of atheists suck

  19. the out campaign sucks atheist (it sucks them real good.)

  20. the pain of atheism (oh the pain. the horrible pain. )


  1. LOL. it seems there are many who dont like your page (or should i say, non belief). :D

  2. I found it with "How to cook babies" myself. Thanks for the recipes, delicious!

  3. What I like the best is that when a christian troll posts at my site, I can pretty much guarantee that they found my site by searching for animal sex. (My number one tag...)

    Then I usually just ask them if that's the case and they never post again... :)

  4. I am writing this post to all atheists who have a vested interest in debunking the myth of Jesus Christ. I am sorry if it bothers anyone that I am not continue the discussions that are going on your blog. Please contact me at the email address below and I promise I will never post on your blog again.

    Here's what's up. A number of fundamentalist Christian blogs have come out swinging against a new book by Stephan Huller called the Real Messiah. The most recent being:

    But there are many others. The only allies he seems to have on the web are a bunch of Jewish bloggers who like him because his mother was a Frankist (see wikipedia for more about this sect).

    In any event Huller's book presents evidence that a two thousand year old throne in Venice proves that Jesus was not and never claimed to be the messiah.

    Huller is going to appear on CNN in two weeks as part of his promotion of the book. As a big fan of his work I wanted to alert my fellow bloggers about this interview and have as many of us who have read the book to direct questions which challenge the existence of God and the whole Christian-fascist paradigm.

    If you are interested in getting more information about his appearance please contact me at If you haven't read the book here is a blog posting to familiarize yourself with his basic points when you do the phone in show:

    Thanks again


  5. Hey Astra, just stumbled on your site. I had to read every post! keep up the good work, You just got a new reader.